In A World Like Today

I have come to realize that I do not quite fit into today’s attention seeking, self-centered, dog eat dog society. While others are hungry for fame, likes and attention; I desire something more, yet simple, to inspire and to love.

My desire is not to be worshiped or praised for superficiality or vanity. I often wondered where does a girl like me fit in. The girl that desires to connect with other souls, to speak an encouraging word even if it touches one soul, that soul matters. In a society that focuses on numbers and not individuals, building huge platforms only to gain followers and fans, where does one like me fit in?

I often questioned myself because I was set a part, different. I could care less about what is trendy or trending. I am such an old soul, a girl that loves to love, enjoys simplicity, music, nature and creating.

For years, I tried to change her to fit into society’s puzzle but it never worked; I just do not fit in and that is perfectly okay. I refuse to try to do so again. I refuse to lose. This is who I am. I am in this world but I am not of it and that is fine. I am evolving more in to who The Most High God created me to be and it feels amazing and free! I am sure there are others like me. Be set a part, be different, be authentically who you were created to be and stand firmly in your truth.

2 thoughts on “In A World Like Today

  1. First paragraph hits to real close to home! I have never felt I quite fit in my own generation and it seems I have come across another old soul. This piece hits me right in the heart, love it. I cannot wait to read more from you down the road, glad I found your blog this morning! Keep at it!

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    1. Thank you so much! You’re awesome! I love it when we find and connect with others like ourselves, so encouraging to know we are not alone. I believe old souls are free spirits; never compromise continue on the journey of freedom.

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