The Past Decade | Happy New Year 2020

It is officially the beginning of a new calendar year, 2020. This past decade has been extremely reflective. I have struggled with my identity on multiple occasions. Being tugged between who I know I am and who others want me to be; struggling with expressing my authentic self while trying to please others and live up to their expectations.

I have learned so much this past decade. 2020, for me is the year to apply the knowledge I have gained this past decade. It is one thing to know, to be given the formula; but, it is an entirely different thing to apply it and do. I struggled for years worrying about what other people thought. I gave permission to several people to have a certain level of control in my life; allowing them to make decisions for me. This caused me to stay in my head for years, dreaming of what I wanted my life to be like.

I stayed in my head, overthinking just about everything while remaining in the same place repeating the same cycle. There comes a point in your life, where you wake up and realize that something is not quite right. Why is that I am facing the same obstacles over and over? Why am I making the same decisions over and over? Why do I continue to think the same way? Why do I keep repeating the same cycles? Funny thing is, I would look for an answer outside of myself, because I have always looked outside of myself…

Near the end of this past decade I have learned to face MYSELF. To look within. To take control. Although beginnings often symbolize the end of somethings, I am welcoming it. Even if it means the end of negative thought patterns. Even if it means my comfort zone or what I thought was my foundation collapsing. Even if it means separation in particular relationships, understanding that some are only for a season. Even if it means me facing my greatest fears. I welcome it.

Here’s to END of comfortable cycles, comfort zones, allowing particular thoughts, fear or relationships to hinder progress, overthinking, and sigh, putting myself last something I have been doing for years unknowingly; more on that later. Here’s to the end of all of the above and the beginning of simply flowing.

Photos of Myself The Past Decade

Happy New Year


© A Girl Simply Flowing

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